#NewMusicMonday - Good Old Days

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New Music:
Good Old Days

Featured Artist: Macklemore ft. Kesha

On this week's #NewMusicMonday blog, I'm featuring a sentimental track called "Good Old Days" by Macklemore featuring Kesha. This track appears in Macklemore's second album, Gemini, (also the first one to release since 2005) which released last Friday on September 22.

The piano-led track is extremely powerful and has both Macklemore and Kesha reminiscing on the good old days back when his band was underground, when they "couldn't wait to be older", and spent their childhood "sneaking out and falling in love". The collaboration between the two artists is quite something, with Macklemore's rap illustrating memories of his younger self while accompanied by Kesha's soulful vocals. 

With the nostalgic lyrics, I wanted my design to have a vintage feel to it. I thought to incorporate an old-school Volkswagen van or a set of piano keys, but eventually decided to stick with a simple design that looked like a distressed 60's-esque poster. The A in "Days" was converted to look like a long road representing the listener looking off into the distance as he reflected of his young adult life.

Funny enough, after I finished my design I found out Macklemore and Kesha released a music video for this song and my vision happened to be spot on, from the van to being outdoors and camping out in the woods. A bigger coincidence is that I actually hadn't looked at the single cover art, only the Gemini album cover on Spotify, but I found out later that my design was actually extremely similar to the original artwork for "Good Old Days". As a designer I love it when the stars align and my vision is on point with what the artist had in mind when coming up with the song.

"Good Old Days" Original Single Cover Art - Macklemore Ft. Kesha

"Good Old Days" Original Single Cover Art - Macklemore Ft. Kesha

P.S. I'll end my post with a nostalgic scene from The Office which is completely unrelated, but yet SO related to the message behind this song. Cheers!

The Office - Season 9 Episode 23

The Office - Season 9 Episode 23


Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

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