#NewMusicMonday - Cross My Mind Pt. 2

Chie TamadaComment

New Music:
Cross My Mind Pt. 2

Featured Artist: A R I Z O N A feat. Kiiara

This week on #NewMusicMonday I'm featuring a catchy, upbeat track called "Cross My Mind Pt. 2" by A R I Z O N A featuring Kiiara. This electro indie pop band from New Jersey consists of three members: vocalist Zachary Hannah, keyboardist David Labuguen, and guitarist Nathan Esquite. The original track was released last summer as a sneak peak for their EP, Gallery. Just a few months following the album release, the band shared a three track mixtape last Friday with different versions of "Cross My Mind": a collab track featuring American singer Kiiara, a live performance recording from their recent concert in the state Arizona, and their writing demo. I applaud the band for showcasing their experimental side by including a remix with a female artist and sharing their raw compositions of the original track with the demo.

“Music allows us to be comfortable with our imperfections, and ‘Cross My Mind’ is a song that captures the dichotomy of our nature versus our intentions.”

"Cross My Mind" is an awesome pop ballad with a strong 80's synth vibe. The album artwork is also an image of a classic mixtape sleeve with the chorus scribbled out on the front of the cassette cover. I really wanted to keep my design consistent with their vintage theme so I lettered the song title with an 80's mono-line brush lettering style with a retro pink and mint color combination. Since this version of the song is a bit more modern with electronic elements added to it, rather than using a solid background with iconic 80's patterns I decided to add a photo of a pool with a pastel gradient overlay as the background. 

Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

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