#NewMusicMonday - Rewind

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New Music:

Featured Artist: A R I Z O N A feat. Kiiara

This week's #NewMusicMonday pick is a melodic, feel-good track called "Rewind” by Louis Futon featuring vocalist Ashe and hip-hop artist Armani White. Futon is a rising producer and multi-instrumentalist from Philadelphia, and has been steadily growing his fan base during the past two years as he's continued to produce remixes and flips of well-known Hip Hop and R&B artists, as well as touring with ODESZA during the past year.  

"Rewind" is one of those tracks you can listen to on repeat. The jazzy beat and instrumentals of the piano and trumpet, along with the soulful vocals of Ashe and Armani White are blended ever so smoothly. The original artwork and the song's jazzy vibe initially inspired me to create a youthful, vintage design with a record player incorporated in it. But later I realized vinyls can't actually "rewind"... So I scratched that idea and began looking for images of cassette players. Then I stumbled upon a photo of a 1988 model of "My First Sony Cassette Recorder" and immediately felt a wave of nostalgia. With the track's chemistry centered around innocence and happy vibes, I couldn't help but include a little piece from my own childhood memories into the design. This was also my first time vectoring a non-typographic image!

Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

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