#NewMusicMonday - Higher Ground

Chie TamadaComment

New Music:
Higher Ground

Featured Artist: ODESZA

This week's #NewMusicMonday pick is a new single by ODESZA featuring Naomi Wild. This American electronic music duo continues to tease its fans by sharing a number of beautiful singles from their forthcoming album, A Moment Apart, expected to release September 8th. The combination of Naomi Wild's elegant vocals and the duo's signature chord progressions is sure to lift your spirits up and take you to a place out of this world. 

‘Higher Ground’ came together in a special way for us. We were on a writing trip out in Lake Chelan, WA when we first heard Naomi’s voice. We started adding rhythm and chords and everything just fell into place. It was one of those rare moments where the song felt like it wrote itself. This is one of our favorite tracks off the album and we’re excited to share it with you.

Being a long-time ODESZA fan, I couldn't help but gravitate towards their iconic, capitalized sans-serif typeface. The letters you see are vectored from scratch using my original hand-drawn design. For the background, I wanted to keep the warm gradient tones used in their original artwork and add a personal touch to it. Earlier this week while driving on the freeway from San Jose towards Oakland, I couldn't help but notice the beautiful mountains sprawling to the east of my home. The clear, open sky surrounding the gorgeous mountain range immediately reminded me of the song and I quickly snapped a photo before the scenic view was obstructed by all the freeway signs.

Overall, the design is pretty simple but I think it reflects the song well and I'm excited to share my second #NewMusicMonday post with you. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

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